Top Clean Beauty Brands

When it comes to sustainability, the beauty industry is far from perfect. Every year, it generates up to 120 billion units of plastic. Because of this, there has been an increase in the demand for clean beauty products over the past few years.

Thankfully, the industry has risen to the occasion and now we have unlimited options for beauty brands that are free of parabens and harmful chemicals. We’ve put together a list of some of the best clean beauty brands out there, all of which offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

LYS Beauty

LYS Beauty stands for “love yourself”, which is a sweet reminder to you before you do your makeup every day. This brand has a line of clean makeup products that are known for being well-pigmented and high-performing, as well as non-toxic. Think complexion products in a wide range of shades, all of which are made from plant-based ingredients. The company was founded by Tisha Thompson in 2016 and was the first Black-owned company to ever launch under Sephora’s Clean Color Cosmetics program.

Freck Beauty

You’ve probably noticed faux freckles on almost every beauty influencer whose Instagram account you’ve stumbled upon over the past few months. Freck Beauty is one of the brands you can thank for that. Its prize product is the Freck OG, which is an inky stain that serves as the world’s first freckle cosmetic. Every product in the range meets some of the most stringent clean standards and is free of gluten and alcohol.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Even though Victoria Beckham became a household name as one-fifth of the Spice Girls, she has since left her popstar platforms far behind her and has transformed into a style icon. Her cosmetics line has solidified her icon status. The luxurious beauty brand follows a very strict formulation guideline called The V-Standard. Posh Spice has vowed to leave out nasty ingredients like synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and additives that have been banned by the EU.

Ilia Beauty

When Ilia Beauty first launched, it became well-known for creating clean, pure products from organic, bio-active botanicals. These are said to nourish the skin as you wear them, making their range both pretty and practical. Ilia Beauty offers a wide range of products, including base, lipstick, and eyeshadow.


A firm favorite amongst beauty bloggers, Beautycounter is committed to only using the safest ingredients possible. It also has something called “The Never List’, which details harsh chemicals and preservatives like formaldehyde, which they pledge to never use in the creation of their products. Beautycounter doesn’t just offer a range of makeup, it also has a range of skincare and body products that nourish and protect your skin too.

Well People

Well People keeps the fact that your skin is an organ front of mind, just like you keep winning forefront when playing the online roulette NZ offers. With this approach, the brand has created products that look and perform great and make your skin feel great too. The Well People collection includes a wide range of shades, and most of the color products are cream based, so they easily melt into the skin for a natural look.

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