6 Natural Remedies for Garden Pests

Keeping a garden free from pests is not an easy task, and rather than making use of chemicals why not try some natural pest control to ensure that your garden is bug free?

Natural remedies are not only safer for your pets, but also for the environment.

1. Garlic

Bugs do not like garlic and spraying your plants with it will ensure that bugs to move on to plants that taste better.  The great thing about using garlic spray is that it can be used on leaves and is safe.

Puree a clove of garlic and a cup of water and blend it until it is fine.  You can use a recycled spray bottle for the garlic mixture and add the mixture and fill up the bottle with water.

2. Eggshells

Eggshells are not only good for your compost heap but can be used as a pest repellent.  Once you have dug holes put some crushed eggshells into the hole before planting your vegetables.

The sharp edges will discourage worms, slugs and snails from eating your vegetable stems.

3. Diatomaceous Earth

This is made from fossilised diatoms, which are single celled organisms and can be purchased at your nursery or garden centre.  Because of the nature of the diatomaceous earth it has been used for many years and works by the sharp surfaces cutting the insect cuticle.

This type of repellent is useful for killing slugs, snails and ants and should only be used on problem sections of your plants as it may harm the good garden bugs.

4. Manure

Manure should be used each year to treat your garden including your lawn and manure is excellent for encouraging growth of your lawn and flowers.

Organic fertiliser is a better option and can be found at your garden centre or supermarket.  The nutrients in the fertiliser help to strengthen your plants and a stronger plant can fight disease.

5. Castile Soap

This soap has a wide array of uses and is made from vegetable oil and originates from Castile in Spain where it was made from pure olive oil, but these days it can be made from a base of hemp, avocado, almond, walnut and other types of vegetable oils.

It makes a gentle yet effective insecticide that can be used by spraying it onto your garden plants.  Mix water and castile soap to get rid of aphids and whiteflies and then sit back and enjoy bingo for money as you know your garden has been well looked after!

6. Balsamic Vinegar

Not only is balsamic vinegar a great accompaniment to your favourite meal it is can also be used in your garden and is a natural remedy for getting rid of weeds between bricks and paving.  It is simple to use, just spray it on to your weeds and they will die.

The acetic acid is what kills the weeds so using vinegar with a high acetic acid content will work better.  You may to spray a few times as the acetic acid used in cooking content is low.  You can also try pouring hot water on to your weeds, which will cause them to die.