9 Tips on Going Vegan

If you’re considering a change in lifestyle to a plant-based diet which eschews meat, eggs, and diary, you’re going to need a few tips to master the change in a healthy way. Many more people are going vegan, whether for health or ethical reasons, and here’s how you can join the plant-based revolution too!

1. Be Patient

While some can go successfully vegan virtually overnight, it may take you a bit longer to get used to the change. A slow transition may be more sustainable and there’s nothing wrong with making small changes over time until you’re completely vegan.

2. Do Plenty of Research

While a healthy appetite for grains, beans, and fresh produce will go a long when in going vegan, you should do plenty of research to ensure that you’re still getting your daily requirements of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and vitamins and minerals.

3. Start with Familiar Dishes

Going vegan will certainly expand your culinary repertoire, but when getting started it may be easier to consider the dishes you know and love and thinking of creative ways to make them meat and dairy free. It may be as simple as removing the cheese and replacing the meat with vegetables or a plant-based protein.

4. Try New Things

While focusing on the dishes you know and love is a good place to start, don’t allow your vegan journey to end there. Browse vegan blogs and cookbooks for tips, tricks, and ideas on creating healthy vegan meals which may be out of your comfort zone, while taking a few minutes break from real slots NZ.

5. Get Creative

Just because you once enjoyed a classic Bolognese, doesn’t mean you have to replace the mincemeat with a faux meat such as tofu or tempeh. Try a hearty lentil Bolognese instead or banana and cashew nut yoghurt as a delightful substitute for dairy yoghurt.

6. Make Your Own Substitutes

While it you may find it easy to give up meat, many have a far more difficult time giving up cheese. However, the good news is that you don’t have to. As the world shifts to being more vegan-friendly, recipes for creating your own substitutes are becoming more prevalent, such as cashew nut cheese.

7. Master Tofu and Tempeh

Tofu and tempeh are fantastic meat substitutes owing to their meat-like texture, but may be bland and boring if not utilised correctly. Make use of spices and marinades to create tasty and satisfying tofu and tempeh dishes.

8. Embrace Vegan Products

While many vegans seem to prefer a purist approach by making use of homemade substitutes and fresh ingredients, there’s nothing wrong with embracing readymade vegan products. As retailers become more health-conscious, the options for readymade vegan products are becoming more readily available.

9. Share the (Vegan) Love

Going vegan in a family of meat-eaters may be a tricky transition and you’ll likely find yourself cooking more than one meal at a time to satisfy everyone. However, most families don’t eat every meal at home, so why not make dinner strictly vegan (if possible) while meals eaten away from home can include anything their heart desires.