Why Everyone Should Eat Less Meat

Modern society is facing one of the greatest challenges of all time in the form of the climate crisis. There are a lot of reasons this is happening, but perhaps one of the biggest threats right now is the amount of food that we are consuming, particularly animal-based foods.

Beef and chicken are of particular concern, with beef production being one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, chemical run-off, as well as deforestation. Almost all experts across the world, as well as a number of governments and coalitions, agree that cutting back on meat consumption is one of the very best ways a person can help with the fight against the effects of climate change.

The Amazon Rainforest

The largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon is home to thousands of plants, animals, insects, and so much more, including indigenous peoples, but we are losing the Amazon at an alarming rate, and it’s believed that as more of the rainforest is destroyed, the worse off the rest of the world’s ecosystems will be.

The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest can be directly attributed to the need to grow food to feed cattle, of which the beef will then be exported around the world. The Amazon Rainforest is truly one of a kind, and not only will we lose it and the countless unique species living within it, but it can have more harmful effects further down the line.

Health Problems

Eating beef frequently has been shown by countless studies to be bad for just about everyone. From increased heart disease and the risk of cancer, as well as weight issues, there is very little reason for anyone to consume beef, at least from a health standpoint.

The science is fairly clear on the effects of beef on the human body, and more and more health experts are recommending that people turn away from beef and try other types of meat or plant-based diets, which can also means saving more money for real money games in Canada.

It’s Unfairly Cruel

Due to the mass demand of beef around the world, it’s virtually impossible to treat every animal kindly and compassionately. This means that slaughterhouses are nightmarish, where not only are the animal abused, but the people working there often develop severe mental issues.

Free-range beef, slaughtered in a humane way is something that we should be striving for, which is especially true in countries that don’t have strict laws when it comes to animal rearing and slaughter.

Viruses And Infection

There are growing concerns among health experts regarding the various types of diseases that tend to breed where thousands of animals are stuck close together.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria of a primary concern, and a large part of the reason it’s become such an issue is due to the fact that the animals are fed a mixture of antibiotics in order to stave off the mass infections that often occur on commercial feedlots.

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