Everyday Products That Can Be Swapped For Green Alternatives

Looking after the environment shouldn’t be a choice – it’s not a fashion statement or a fad. Living an environmentally conscious lifestyle should be something we all strive to do – when it comes to the way we do things, what we eat and the things we buy.

These days, it’s really not that difficult (or expensive) to be green. In addition to using fabric shopping bags and paper straws, there are so many other things that we use every day that have less environmentally damaging counterparts.

Here are some everyday products that can be swapped for green alternatives.

Compostable Dog-Waste Packets

Picking up after your dog when you’re out and about is an absolute must – nobody’s arguing that. But if you’re using plastic bags to do it, and then throwing them away immediately afterwards, you are creating an enormous amount of unnecessary plastic waste.

These days, you can get compostable packets that perform the same function, but are biodegradable and compostable – good for the soil and less harmful for the environment.

Glass Jars

Whether it’s coffee, pickles or jam that you buy in glass jars, simply wash them when you’re done and put them in the cupboard. Glass jars are great for storing things like spices, snacks and even meals rather than having to use plastic materials instead.

Takeaway Containers

Make an effort to pack your own lunch, or at least take a container along with you, so you can avoid purchasing meals in disposable containers. Not only will you save some cash you can then use for Canadian casino slots online, but you don’t have to use single-use plastic every time you enjoy a meal at work or at school.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Since we go through so many toothbrushes in our lifetimes – well, we should – it’s crazy to think that we’re simply throwing away pieces of solid plastic over and over again. Sending it away to a landfill site where it will remain intact for hundreds of years.

These days, bamboo toothbrushes are an awesome solution. They’re just as good as ordinary ones, and they’re not harmful to the environment – win-win!

Menstrual Cups And Biodegradable Tampons

Tampons and pads are not only expensive, but they’re also terrible for the environment – well, most of them. If you’re not using the biodegradable tampons, a good alternative is a menstrual cup.

You’ll save a fortune on pads or tampons every month, it’s far more practical in a logistical sense and it’s far better for the environment in the long run!

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Say goodbye to ordinary laundry detergents and start using the environmentally friendly, homemade alternatives. These products are made from natural substances that are just as effective, but won’t damage the environment.

Make The Switch – It’s Easy!

Doing the right thing and making the switch from ordinary, everyday products to these environmentally friendly alternatives is easy. All you have to do is make the decision to go green and you’re halfway there!