How To Green Your Beauty Routine

With the focus on going green, even big cosmetic companies are coming to the party. If you want to green your beauty routine you’ll find that it is far easier than you thought, and just a few small changes can make a big difference!

Use every last drop

We’re all guilty of throwing away a bottle or tube before its really empty, but if you want to go green, you need to use every last drop of your make up. Whether it’s a moisturiser, eye shadow, liner or lipstick, use it all before you buy another one.

This cuts down on the rate of waste, and actually saves you money too.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Most make up containers are recyclable, so instead of simply tossing them in the trash, ensure they get to a recycling depot instead.

Some make up companies like MAC even reward you for bringing back your empties, and for every 6 used lipstick containers you return, you’ll get 1 free lipstick. Now that’s what we call incentive!

Pick environmental friendly products

There are plenty of environmentally friendly beauty products on the market; you just need to look for them.

From shampoos and conditions to make up removers, make up and even nail polish, you’ll find green alternatives for everything.

Ditch the disposables

If you think about how many disposable plastic razors you’ll throw away in your life, the amount is really quite scary!

Ditch the disposable razors and buy a stainless steel one instead. This way, you’ll only be tossing the blades and these can be recycled too.

Stop using cotton balls

There are some amazing eco-friendly reusable cosmetic wipes on the market, so even if you’ve spent all night playing at Bingo Hall Sweden, you can still quickly and easily remove your make up, without adding to the worlds waste problem.

Opt for essential oils rather than perfume

Perfumes can have all kinds of environmentally unfriendly additives and every time you spray, you’ll be adding to a pollution problem. Rather opt for essential oils which are not only far cheaper, they also last linger and won’t add pollutants to your environment.

You can even make your own body lotion or toner using essential oils, so do your homework and see how you can incorporate them into your beauty routine.

Find double duty products

There are plenty of beauty products on the market that do double duty and are environmentally friendly too.

Shampoo bars are just one of them, as are combo eye shadow, blush and lip colour. If you can cut back or double up, you’ll be going green too.

Make your own products

There are an abundance of recipes online for everything from facemasks to moisturizers, all suing natural ingredients.

Check these out and see where you can cut down on buying things, and make your own eco friendly alternatives.