Tiny Changes to Live a Greener Life

We all talk about going green, but how many of us realise that there are some minor changes that we can make in our day to day living that will give us head start? Going green can be easy if you introduce little changes one day a time. Before you know it, you’ll be making a huge impact on the environment and won’t have to live with so much climate change anxiety!

Pick up rubbish

If you come across any trash while walking to your car, going for a jog or just while out and about, bin it. If everyone did this, imagine how little trash there would be blowing around?

Open your windows

Your air conditioner uses a lot of energy, so why not open your windows when the weather is nice? Let in cooler air or warm your home or office up naturally and stop relying on machines.

Turn off the light

Your electric lights also use loads of energy, not to mention their bulbs can end up in landfills and leach chemicals into the earth. Rely on natural light wherever possible and open those blinds!

Eat less meat

Try a meat free day once a week or see if you can cut back even more. Vegetarian options are readily available at most restaurants and as take out or ready meals, so don’t be afraid to give them a try!

Cut back on showers

If you don’t want to shower less, cut back on your time in the shower. Turn off the taps while soaping your body and conditioning your hair and install a water saving shower head.

Air dry clothes

Instead of tumble drying, air dry your clothes. This may take a little more effort, but consider it a way to get fresh air and exercise.

Entertain at home

Staying in is much more eco-friendly than going to the mall, a casino or the movies. Plus, the Internet has made it easy for us to do a lot more with a lot less, so whether you are looking for online betting offers or the latest movies, you’ll find something to amuse yourself with ease.

Walk don’t drive

Wherever possible, walk rather than drive. Not only is this good for you and the planet, it will also cut your gas bill!

Use vinegar to clean

Vinegar is a great all-natural cleaning solution, and it is cheap too. From cleaning floors to washing, it can be used in so many ways.

Stop printing documents

These days we seldom need printed copies of anything, unless it is a contract or similar. Stop printing things unless it is absolutely necessary and save the trees!

Bin single use items

There has been a huge focus on single use plastic recently, but you should also try where possible to reduce single use products entirely. From razors to water bottles and food containers, ditch single use and opt for reusable products that are kinder to the environment.