Easy Ideas For A Magical Garden Transformation

Keeping a garden green and manicured is itself a tough task. So who has the time, energy, or money to create an outdoor magical wonderland? Hang on, it turns out that there are a number of easy, cost effective methods that can help turn an average garden into a masterpiece. Best of all, most of these simple ideas wont demand much maintenance of their own, meaning that you’re not adding to the overall workload of keeping the space in pristine condition.

Installing A Bird Bath

Who doesn’t love the idea of a garden populated by feathery friends? But, why don’t they seem to have any interest in your garden? Easy; they never had anywhere to visit before. A birdbath is an amazing addition to any outdoor space, adding character, and also inviting in chirping birds. Plus, you have probably already guessed, all you have to do is choose a spot, plonk it down, and add water.

Outdoor Relaxation

Wouldn’t you like a nice place to sit outside where you can kick back, visit a Malaysian smartphone casino, and just enjoy the fresh air? A nice table and chair set, or even just a single rustic bench, are all that is required. It’s up to you to decide on the style. Best of all; outdoor furniture won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Natural Light Magic

Outdoor areas can be made to seem stark and bland with electric lights. Rather use candles, which add a magical glow that will charm guests. Find suitable glass or metal outdoor holders, plant them carefully around your garden, and add candles when the mood strikes you. You’ll be amazed at how delightful a bit of natural light can be, even in smaller gardens.

Water Features

This one will take a bit of work, and may involve some cash, but the result is nothing short of dazzling. Water features are especially wonderful because they don’t need much space, and once installed, don’t demand much maintenance. How elaborate you want to go is up to you. Ideally, a simple still water pond will spruce up any garden. Smart shopping will even negate the need to dig any holes. Though, if you want that enchanting bubbling water sound, you will have to invest in an electric water pump.

Insect Feeders

This is our personal favourite. Many automatically think of birds when considering garden visitors. But butterflies can also be coaxed into visiting, especially around springtime. Insect feeders are extremely simple to make, generally requiring nothing more than a little box. Just add a bit of syrup, and a dash of colour, and butterflies will normally take to it immediately. Don’t forget to add more syrup after a day or two.


Last we have one that will draw on your creative side. Mosaics can be fairly easily installed, needing only cement, and a variety of coloured stones or rocks. Lay cement where it is appropriate, and simply press the coloured stones in, making a pattern. Be sure to wait for good weather, and plan your pattern beforehand.