How To Select Plants For Indoor Decoration

Your house is feeling a little drab, so you’ve decided to spruce it up with a few new indoor plants. Great idea, and certainly an excellent way to make your home more welcoming. But don’t be too hasty. Selecting an indoor plant isn’t as easy as choosing the one that looks the prettiest.

Plants are diverse, complex living organisms, and must be dealt with accordingly. Yes, almost all plants will compliment your interior, but not all can be approached in the same way. It is best to do a bit of research before you start plonking down pot plants in every corner. You’ll be glad you did.

Where Will The Plant Live?

An indoor plant that will live on your windowsill will be very different to one that takes up residence in a shadowy corner. Remember, the plant technically isn’t aware that it is now living life in a pot, and still expects to face the same conditions as if it were growing outdoors.

If intending on putting the plant on a windowsill, make sure that it is a plant that enjoys constant sunlight. So, this would be something that enjoys dry, sunny weather. The Snake Plant might be just what you’re looking for, in this case, which not only looks great, but also survives without a problem in the sunniest, driest of climates.

High Or Low Maintenance?

Yes, we all love plants, but looking after them can be a challenge. Some plants demand constant attention, and will not be happy unless you’re fussing over them on an almost daily basis. Others, however, will do just fine without you. The afore mentioned Snake Plant is one of those, and won’t bat an eyelid as you spend your time browsing horse racing betting sites, forgetting to water it for weeks at a time. Another low maintenance plant is Pothos, just in case you’re wondering. Or Dracaena, if you’re looking for other options.

The general rule is, though, that those plants with the pretty flowers are going to need a bit of attention.

Space Is Key

If you haven’t already thought about it, think about it now; how much space do you have? Not all indoor plants will stay small and delicate, after all, with some sprouting out 10 foot branches. If you allow them. So be sure to carefully consider how large a plant is likely to get, and if you really have the space for it.

But making the most of available space is also key, and can result in some creative indoor plant life. The Bird’s Nest Fern is well known for being a great hanging plant, thriving in containers suspended from your ceiling. Watch its signature serrated leaves dangle down out of the pot like a green waterfall as it gets older, and marvel at how spectacular nature can be.

Pro tip; hanging plants also need to be watered, and if you haven’t taken proper precautions, that water can leak right out the bottom. Thank us later.